The laboratory has a dozen or so PC-class computer workstations equipped with AMD Athlon 1,8 XP processors, EDI 60Gb disks, and 17” monitors. The following operational systems are installed on these computers: Windows XP and Linux. Utility software:


  • OpenOffice 3.0
  • Borlnd Builder environment
  • SQL Administrator
  • DevC++
  • Mingw32
  • Data visualization programmes
  • Other engineering programmes that can be installed upon teacher’s request.



  Here are the programmes used for mathematical modelling of plastic working processes of metals:

  • Inventor,
  • AutoCad 2009,
  • Rhinoceros,
  • Forge2013® 2D i 3D,
  • ANSYS®,
  • SortRoll,
  • Drawing 3D,
  • FormFEM,
  • Rheology,
  • Calcosoft,
  • MathCAD,
  • Statistica ®.



A model of a continuous mill - 18 vertical and horizontal rolling mill stands.


Continuous rolling.




Rolling of bimetallic ribbed bars. Simulation of the rolling process in a flat and a ribbed pass.




A bimetallic bar rolled in a three-skew rolling mill. Plastic deformation of metal and merging with other metals. Explosion welding of: sheets, strips, e.g. bars and steel tubes, aluminium, copper, silver etc.




Distribution of temperature, longitudinal stress and deflection during the process of wire drawing.




The process of extrusion of deep sleeves.



Computer simulation of stirring in furnace-ladle.