Sprzęt w laboratorium analizy mikrostruktury i badań własności materiałów


Nikon Eclipse MA-200 optical microscope

   The laboratory is equipped with high-quality optical instruments, including world-class optical microscope enabling that offers features such as dark-field, bright-field, Nomarski filter, and polarized light. Magnification range between 50x and 3000x. The microscope is connected to a computer with software for data acquisition and analysis - NIS-Elements. The range of possible magnification together with fully automated table guarantee data collection not only from one area but also from the whole, often large area. Such solution is especially important during analysis with large magnification, e.g. cracked areas.


FM-700 microhardness tester and FV-700 hardness tester FV-700 by FutureTech

   As part of the development of the laboratory of research on mechanical properties of materials, in 2010 the institute purchased a FM 700 microhardness tester and a FV 700 hardness tester produced by Japanese company FutureTech. The FM 700 microhardness tester enables working with loads of 1÷1000g, while the FV 700 hardness tester enables working with loads of 0,3÷30kG. Both machines enable conducting measurements with the use of the following methods: HV, HK, HBS, HBW, Kc, just as both belong to the group of world-class equipment for measurement of hardness with the use of Vickers and Knoop methods. Each machine is equipped with a set of lenses for print observation with magnification of 100x, 500x and 1000x in case of the microhardness tester and 100x, 200x and 400x in case of the hardness tester. The range of loads and methods in which analysis can be conducted enables conducting wide spectrum of works. It is possible to connect the above-mentioned equipment to a computer, as a storage unit for measurement results. The software itself allows to gather 999 measurements at one time and run statistic for them.


FM 700 microhardness tester


FV 700 hardness tester

Hanemann microhardness tester

    Enables measurement of microhardness with focus on hardness of particular phases. Load: min. 5 g, max. 100 g


 Talyrond 30 PC inspection monitor for roundness of axisymmetric details by UK company Rank Taylor Hobson


 Profilometer Form Talysurf 50e by UK company Rank Taylor Hobson


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