The Institute carries out scientific research in the following fields:

  • theory and technology forming processes in case of homogeneous metal, multilayered and composite materials,
  • optimization of rolling, forging and drawing technologies,
  • research on plastic and rheological properties of materials,
  • construction and operation of plastic working machinery,
  • utilisation of the energy of explosive materials in technological processes of metal processing.

The employees of the Institute conduct statutory and independent research projects regarding:

  • modelling and analysis of rolling of flat products,
  • theoretical and numerical analysis of property and microstructure changes occurring during rolling,
  • modelling and drawing analysis in case of homogeneous and bimetallic wires,
  • numerical simulation of rolling of plates, strips and bars, wire and tube drawing, free forging in shaping anvils, and of isothermal extrusion of profiles,
  • properties of the surface layer of wires, wire-like products, and extruded profiles,
  • control parameters for elongation in case of rolling of homogeneous and bilayer bars,
  • electromagnetic compatibility of electrical appliances used in steel plant power supply systems of medium and low voltage,
  • simulation of microstructure development during rolling of steel and forecasting properties of finished products,
  • development of mathematical models for steel cracking, computer modelling of rolling processes, extrusion and forging.